Visual language & content atomisation

UX and content design influence each other. transitioned from being a communication-led outlet (a repository of content) to an audience-centric editorial brand. Intuition led the platform redesign at first, but data became soon our north star. The old was a repository-like experience, with navigation driven by media types and internal taxonomies. It was desktop-first, with minimal CSS adaption for mobile. The visual content did not have the prominence it deserved. Often, the metadata display was more prominent than the content itself.

Becoming media

A magazine-like experience, centered on vertical channels and aggregating content by topics. Image-first, bold typography and easy-to-read text. On mobile, personalized feeds. Pages designed to be visual first, making the audiovisual consumption – videos, live streams, photos – rewarding and engaging.

Fully visual

2.0 Fully visual, mobile-first. Made for pure discovery. Less emphasis on verticals, more options to discover new stuff. Cool moments first, deep dives second. 100% mobile-first, inspired by Google Material Design. Concise text, smart brevity, less technical.

Content atomisation in action.

The mindset.

Everybody has been talking about content atomisation in the last years. In the content marketing playbooks, the content pyramid model has become the rule de facto: start with a primary artefact and produce lots of versions and by-products to distribute and activate on all channels. Whatever you like to call it, atomised content, pyramid or “portfolio mindset”, the planning and pre-production phase is super important.

The playbook

My playbook is different: do not think first about your primary output – a thought leadership piece, video ads, a long video feature -, but think and plan every shoot, writing and design task to populate a portfolio of items.

That is how we reinvented the commissioning process at Red Bull Media House: we began with the end in mind. What outputs, formats, artefacts could we use on different channels, for different audiences, to achieve what goal?

The result was a shooting/production list – video segments, photos, chunks of text, verbatim, data to collect – including a tagging strategy for each media segment to make it searchable and reusable on our digital asset management system.


Mike Fanning, a world-class surfing hero, making sports history and content history too. We applied our playbook at many of his projects. One of them was a six-episodes video series following Mike during his preparation for the next Surfing World Championship, with each episode 15 mins duration.

Our content-pyramid shotlist.

  • 30 secs to 1 min of pure action shots for social media.
  • Short verbatim segments about several topics.
  • Photo portraits in various ratios and formats and other photos of the locations where we did the shooting for our picture library.

The outcome.

Several by-products we could use on special occasions and produce with low effort thinking forward. For instance: a “Best of Mike” short we cut right after Mike survived to a shark attack and distributed to worldwide media, free (and not too much branded).

Other Highlights
Content and Brand Building

Head of Brand and Content @ Heidelberg Cement Ventures ⦿ Germany, Global ❖ Private Equity (ConTech) ➪ Developed the branding and content for the Venture Capital Fund launched by HeidelbergCement, a global leader in the construction material sector. ➪ Flankered the GM to transform the business strategy and investment thesis into messaging and content for a B2B audience: founders, partners, other investors.

Success story: Construction: dusty, but sexy.

Content Strategy Director @ Industry Dive Ltd, USA ⦿ GAS EU Region ❖ Content marketing agency ➪ Provided senior support to handle key European Clients: data and strategy review, content optimisation, response to RFP and pitches. ➪ Always-on content marketing for owned, social and paid media.

Success story: Value Proposition Storytelling: how to communicate complex products?

Brand and Content @ ⦿ CH, DE, UK, ES, IT❖ Online Travel ➪ Led the merge of three different teams and reorganized all content operations (40 FTE across 3 Countries), ➪ Worked with the Leadership teams to develop a new brand architecture and brand communication strategy, with the goal to rely less on pure performance marketing and reduce customer churn.

Success story: Align and relaunch a travel brand.

Brand strategy  @ Music Support Group GmbH ⦿ Munich, Germany ❖ Creative Education ➪ Supporting the digital transformation of media and music academies, redefining the brand positioning and translating it into strategic messages, content, communications and channel strategy. ➪ Wrote new texts and developed new formats for the German language channels. Currently hiring the missing talents to rollout the new digital team.

Content Leadership at Red Bull Media House

Global Head of Digital Channels @ Red Bull Media House ⦿ Salzburg, AT, Global HQ ❖ Brand and Publishing ➪ I took part in one of the most impressive media transformation stories: a consumer brand becoming a global media company and a credible publisher, with a passionate (and monetizable) audience. ➪ I redeveloped (content and product) the Red Bull branded owned digital channels, hired and grew a global newsroom (21 FTE + 100 freelancers) responsible to create, edit, commission and license content for 50 Countries: videos, text, infographics, micro-content, photography. ➪ Results. From 100K UU monthly to over 10.5 Mio in less than two years.

Success story: from communication tools to credible media player.

Success story: design and content.

Digital Media Products at Deagostini Publishing

Head of digital – Product and Content  @ DeAgostini Publishing ⦿ ITA Milano HQ ❖ Special interests publishing ➪ Led the digital transformation of one of the oldest European publishers, rooted in education and children publishing. ➪ I was in charge of developing new media products and new revenue channels that needed original content. ➪ That content was missing. I had to develop it, together with a brand new team made by junior videographers (15 FTE) and editors (5 FTE). ➪ I also educated and coached Deagostini BU leaders to integrate digital in their product strategies.

Product Management at Mediaset Broadcasting

Digital Product Manager,
later Content Strategist
@ Mediaset ⦿ ITA Milano HQ ❖ Commercial TV ➪ Took part since day one to the digital transformation of the biggest Italian commercial TV groups. Led the development of several projects, with one still in my heart: tgcom24, the first all-digital, omnichannel Italian news outlet. Still, one of the most popular news outlets in Italy.