Substack: a critique.

A critique in nine articles, selected for you between November 2020 and March 2021. The dream of a…

The future of work and the written word.

We will not come back to our old habits after the pandemic. The future is distributed and asynchronous work. For this future, embracing writing will be crucial, as much as learning how to handle better video-calls.

Content marketing needs to change.

There is too much content out there. Too irrelevant. The problem of content has a name: content marketing. Time to go back to the basics of what content must do: deliver value and meaning, not keywords and click baits.

A world of teachers, a world of learners.

As the “passion economy” paradigm is challenging the “platform economy” (i.e. the domain of demand/offer orchestrators, global marketplaces, and social networks), so its extension to the world of learning is democratising the teaching and learning experience: it allows to offer much more than what MOOCs cover, both in terms of topics and of experience.

Learning with newsletters.

Instructional designers spend more time with Mooc, videos, digital learning platforms and interactivity than with emails. Few of them have considered newsletters as instructional design objects. But they are. In this post, some examples that inspired me, and hopefully you too.